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Tusker Project Fame Auditions Get Tight in Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda

September 28, 2010
Tusker Project Fame Auditions Get Tight in Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda

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Struggle for the next East African Music Superstar Title is getting hotter.

Many participants exhibited a lot of skill, strength, courage and determination in instruments playing, drama, singing and dancing as they waited for the long awaited tusker project fame auditions event to kick off.

This year’s in auditions in Kenya saw a number of participants who have tried competing and failed in the past seasons but haven’t given up yet. Most noticeably was a four time participant from Kenya who also failed to qualify to the next round for tusker project fame season 4 again.

Among the notable figures that our scoops sited at the Tusker auditions venue were Tusker project fame season 3 finalists N’ganga.

It was then the time for heart beats when Tusker project fame auditions Judges for season 4 in Nairobi arrived in a tough looking crew ready to choose only talent.

The judges came in a team of 3 headed by renown truth teller and out spoken Tusker project fame judge for season 1, 2 and 3 Ian Mbugua who is also a performing artist, along with Tim Rimba a musician in Kenya and Atemi Onyungu a vocal trainer.

When the competitions started, many had to leave the testing room very disappointed since they lacked talent as they were required to possess by the judging crew. Judges had to witness actors, actresses and comedians plus all categories of participants who got Judge Ian so happy, to a point of stepping on co-judge Atemi’s neck while in serious laughter.

All categories of participants and singers who did different genres of music were witnessed presenting. Judges were tasked to select from huge talent ranging from traditional singing, reggae ragga singing, R’n’B and Rap to mention but a few.

Many participants left angry, warning and scaring judges with statements such as "this is not all over and the struggle continues”.

Judge Ian was over heard telling participants words like thank you but goodbye, you really wasted it. 

Among the few who qualified for the next round in Nairobi were guitar player Hillary from East Nairobi.

In Dar el salaam Tanzania, it was all the same story though a bit more discouraging more so to the side of the judges since they had to somehow force qualification of trying participants due to lack of talent.

Tanzania auditions were over seen by Judges Sauda Simba a vocal trainer, Hermes Bariki and Paul Ndugulu.

At the end of the day, the judges had to get a number of participants qualify to the next level but cautioned them loudly to do a lot of practice for the next audition stages.

Meanwhile, Tusker project fame auditions that are sponsored by Tusker lager have also been actively running in Uganda, Rwanda, Kigali and Southern Sudan intended to present 10 competitors to the final auditions in Kenya.

A total of 15 finalists from the 5 countries will be chosen for Tusker project fame finals due to be held before the end of this year in Nairobi Kenya to discover the next EAST AFRICAN MUSIC SUPERSTAR.

The simple question is which country will win season's superstar title?

Please stay logged on to;East Africa’s leading social media and entertainment website for more news about Tusker Project Fame. 


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