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Song Review; Bakoowu by Mathias Walukaga

May 11, 2012

Song Review; Bakoowu by Mathias Walukaga

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Listen to Bakoowu by the living Kadongo Kamu maestro Mathias Walukaga.

The music of the late; Herman Bassudde, Prince Paul Job Kafeero and a few others has lived passed their graves with their voices still marketable. The only reason for this is the lyrically rich songs they released one after the other to the end. Such rare and educative brains are what made Kadongo Kamu music very popular for years.

The foundations built by our past stars have yielded a few results. Among the few musicians that learnt from the latter and now continue to educate this nation is Mathias Walukaga; the living Kadongo Kamu genius.

While some people conclude that he (Walukaga) no longer does real Kadongo Kamu, I passionately think otherwise. I conclude that he still does Kadongo Kamu but with an improved touch. Talk of moving with a revolving world, Walukaga is doing just that.

Recently, he released a single titled Bakoowu (people are tired). This in my view is a block buster of all sorts as it depicts what is actually happening in our society in the way it exactly happens.

In this song Walukaga says: “People no longer care about others, do not respect their marriage vows, so suspicious about each other, no longer sing sense but just attack each other, no longer help the needy or suffering, hate on each other, doctors no longer care for patients, teachers are unhappy, and majority of the leaders no longer care.”

Just as Mathias Walukaga puts it in his song lyrics, this is what is actually happening in real practice. We have lost the respect, love and good morals we were once known of. Uganda and central region in particular was known for its hospitality- at least historical writings inform my stand on this. All these good practices have been eroded and replaced by lacking trends. May be I am wrong but personally, I rarely find hospitable people in the pearl of Africa.

It is from such an appealing and distressing situation that the PAM awards winning artist Mathias Walukaga sat down, wrote and sang this song Abantu Bakoowu (People are tired). It is unfortunate, according to Walukaga, the people have changed for the worst.

Recorded from DMS records, Mathias Walukaga’s Bakoowu has great lyrics and great beats. I just cannot put down enough from this song, just listen to it yourself and will agree with me that this guy has superb lyrical content.

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