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Maddox Sematimba is Back with Naiga Single

April 3, 2012
Maddox Sematimba is Back with Naiga Single

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Listen to Naiga by Maddox Sematimba

In August 2010, he was jailed over a hotel debt, news about his arrest saturated around the whole city and it was said that Maddox was faked by a woman to come back to Uganda and perform at a concert.  He got out of jail with the help of Ghetto president Bobi Wine and Sylva Kyagulanyi among others celebrities; sorry for the names I have forgotten.

Later on, I heard that Maddox had started making chapattis for a leaving at some place around Nankulabye, a troubled Kampala suburb. These were just a few stories among the many I heard of.

With all stories told, little did I know that the silent rastafarian and reggae music star was in studio cooking and steadily preparing his massive comeback to the music scene.

Maddox Semanda Sematimba is back for real! For the past months, he has been in studio working with Zink productions, writing and recording a 10 tracks album.

Recently, Maddox released the first single on his new album, the song is titled Naiga. Maddox is still vocally and lyrically talented to completely entertain fans. He is still a top reggae musician.

When you listen to Naiga, you will notice the great voice, the lyrics and the good production.  Just like most of his old songs that he did when he was still based in Sweden, Maddox’s new 10 tracks album was also written, recorded and edited by himself.

He will be releasing one single at a time till the whole album is out. Whoever wrote Maddox out of the Ugandan celebrity books, it’s not over yet, the Namagembe star is back.

Listen to Naiga by Maddox Sematimba and all Maddox’s old music audio on radio.

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