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Mufunye video by Nick Nola

January 9, 2012
Mufunye video by Nick Nola

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Dreams come true, and I strongly believe in this saying. For talented RnB singer Nick Nola, this one is another dream come true, as he finally gets catch of the beautiful, trustworthy and loving lady he has always dreamt of.

“I am no longer searching , now I have got her , I used to dream , now my dreams have come true, I used to pray for that one I can trust, God has given her to me.” these and more are some of the lyrics that Nick Nola sings in his new song ‘Mufunye’. Mufunye is translated as ‘I have got him/her’.

After close to a whole year of quietness, Nick Nola is back to serious music business and has with no doubt started the year 2012 in style.

His latest RnB single Mufunye comes with a unique element that everyone needs to check out for. In the audio, Nick Nola does a free flow of his lyrics, creatively presenting his message.

Mufunye video on the other hand was all shot in broad day light unlike Nick Nola’s previous Marianna video that was mostly shot in the night.

The highlight: Mufunye video comes with wonderful underwater shots of Nick Nola and a lady actor swimming and romantically enjoying life under water. The shots are all real and are great features for anyone to attend to in Mufunye video.

Much as Nick Nola doesn’t look as comfortable as this beautiful lady actor is in the video, they made it and for only that shot underwater, I would personally want to come back and watch this scene over and over again.

Most of the shots in the video showcase different natural amenities such as trees, the lake and water waves. The video director only missed out on having a better resolution camera for the script, with a better camera; the video would be much more catching.

We hope Nick Nola will not get back to bed throughout the remaining 300+ days of 2012, and thus release more other quality songs, for the industry to judge and support him.

Mufunye audio was recorded by Swangz Avenue and the video was done by No Budget Films, Arif Lalani.

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Well done, Nick Nola.

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