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Tru Hip-Hop, Sheree and 1220 drop a new Hip Hop song Titled Success

November 24, 2011
Tru Hip-Hop, Sheree and 1220 drop a new Hip Hop song Titled Success

Hip Hop music is getting more popular in Uganda each day that comes by, and lots of young people are taking the trend to express themselves through Hip Hop. The latest faces of hiphop are 18 year old Sam Bitaine alias Tru Hip-hop, his homeboy 1220 and sister called Sheree Namara. The 3 have released a new hiphop single called Success.

Sam Bitaine aka Tru Hip-hop, has been inspired by people like KRSone, 2pac and Eminem who are great lyricists and successful names in this particular genre.Tru Hip Hop used to listen to them during his childhood and has since then learnt to maturely compose songs that have great lyrics and meanings.  

Tru Hip-hop and Sheree are born from a humble religious back ground. Sam will be joining University soon in south Africa and Sheree  is in University in Malaysia  where she is majoring a degree in music  production.

The two new artists want  to do music that inspires people in their society. Sheree is a very good instrumentalist and vocalist that you can tell from the hook she sung on their single ‘Success’ which was produced in Buzz studios by producer Kingsley. In the success song,  the young stars express how they look at life and what success is to them.

Sheree has done other songs before like, You Gonna Make It, Superstar,The Sun Sets  feat Tru- hiphop and In The Dress.  “It’s been so hard for us to get our songs out to  the people, since most of them have an urban soft rock feel, but with  this new single Success,  we think we nailed it and all urban radios in Uganda should get ready to put  the song on replay”. The two young stars said to

Sherre and Tru Hip Hop will be working on ‘Success’ video soon and fans will be the first to take a glance on the video when it’s out.

You can listen to Success and all Sheree Namara’s music exclusively on radio.

Also check out for photos of Sheree and Tru Hip Hop.

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