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Pastor Bugembe in Embatta Album Launch

September 8, 2011
Pastor Bugembe in Embatta Album Launch

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He is indeed a celebrated man of God not only because he preaches to many people at his Light the World Church in Nansana but also because he is the pastor helping Ugandan entertainment industry celebrities turn to God and also practice society appreciated behavior. You can call it restoring sanity in the industry. He summons them to church services, sings with them and always invites them to feature in his videos.    

Besides being a pastor, he is also an artist who blends gospel music into something that even captivates the non church goers. He is renowned man of God whose music touches even the hidden souls, his lyrics sum up a mature real life personal experience and for the most part-encircling the whole society.

A former street kid and now pastor, this is none other than-Wilson Bugembe. As the country looks forward to his much anticipated Lengera Embatta album on this Friday the 9th of September, takes a brief look at his musical journey.

Bugembe’s music story dates back while leading the school choir at Makerere Highway School which led to the eventual release of his first album Yellow[Yabaswaza] in 2003-2004. The album title song Yellow was inspired by his real life experiences as a street kid and was meant not for sale but faired very well on the gospel charts.

He then bounced back onto the charts with his second album Walibbade Mufu between 2005-2006. The album featured songs which swept the streets and it is plausible to say that Bugembe’s career in music had taken root.

Bugembe then released Njagala Kumanya which catapulted him to the spotlight and had a successful concert in the same year. Bugembe’s video of this song was an item on local televisions and earned him more popularity in the gospel music arena countrywide. The song went on to win the; Best Gospel Single Category in the 2007 PAM Awards.

He bounced back with Komawo Eka in 2008 and just like the previous one; the music video was a darling on the local televisions. The video also featured several homemade celebrities which made Bugembe a commendable gospel artist who brought a unique style in gospel world.

In 2009, Bugembe had another mega album titled Kani. The led song Kani topped both radio and television charts.

In 2010, the singing pastor launched Ani album. Just like the latter, the lead song Ani had well thought of and inspiring lyrics.

Bugembe’s other previous hits include; Bwalikujukira, Jangu Ombere, Wakyaliyo Essubi, Mukama Gw’omanyi Ebyange, Mukama Beera’nange, Bibuzabuza, Yesu Lwalikyala, Abagezigezi, Yesu Yayamba, Abajulizi  among others.

Bugembe has won several gospel awards between 2007 and now. These include Pam awards best gospel single and best gospel artist/group. Bugembe has also won other awards like the; The VIGA Awards which are Uganda's National Interdenominational gospel awards, through which the gospel music industry recognizes and reward its peers for their musical accomplishments.

His songs carry concrete messages which are highly enjoyed by all audiences, creditable for airplay on both radio and television something that has continued to highlight him in the music industry.

Another element that is common with all Pastor Bugembe songs is the six minutes plus length of his songs. He does not only sing but whenever he picks the micro-phone, he gives a long inspiring lecture.

This Friday, the man of God is launching Embaata album. The lead song is Lengera Embatta, a song that calls upon people to turn away from their bad deeds and turn to God. He uses the biblical verses about Noah’s ark to deliver his message. Lengera Embatta has one of the best videos this year.

Minus Embatta, the album always has another big song Bamuyita Yesu. In this, he highlights the different miracles that he has received thanks to his faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Pastor Bugembe also has a gospel duet with Ghetto President Bobi Wine titled Ojanga Nosaba.

Let us be with Pastor Bugembe this Friday at Imperial Royale as he launches his Embatta album.

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