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H.E Bobi Wine Ft Pastor Wilson Bugembe in Ojanga Nosaba Video

August 31, 2011
H.E Bobi Wine Ft Pastor Wilson Bugembe in Ojanga Nosaba Video

Ojanga Nosaba; The Pastor Rasta discussion video is here in colourful pictures.

In the lyrical story, Bobi Wine and inspirational singing pastor Wilson Bugembe discuss about church and prayer; the limitations and benefits of praying.

Bobi Wine ‘the Rasta’ tells the pastor about the challenges he meets going to church as a celebrity and ghetto youth. He says many people believe people of his caliber are sinners and are not supposed to go to church.

Pastor Bugembe of the other hand assures Bobi Wine about his church understanding; educating him (Bobi Wine) that church is open for anyone, since GOD welcomes all of us.

Bobi Wine condemns the evil acts like homosexuality, corruption, witchcraft, religious wars and miss-representation of GOD that are done in the church.

Ojanga Nosaba audio was released about two months ago; it is receiving massive plays on different radio stations. The song has now top the People awards ‘top 50 songs charts’ for 2 consecutive weeks.


Ojanga Nosaba video starts with two fast parking elegant cars labeled on the number plates ‘President’ and ‘Olokokadi’ for H.E Bobi Wine and Pastor Wilson Bugembe respectively.

The two classy cars park in an open area, it looks like a play ground or racing park.

The song was named Ojanga Nosaba ‘The Rasta – Pastor Discussion’. Bobi Wine just like in the audio takes the Rasta act and Wilson Bugembe the pastor. Bobi Wine is dressed in a nice suit and Pastor Wilson Bugembe is casually dressed in black.

Through the 4:56 minutes of Ojanga Nosaba video, all we see is people playing chess, plus the main actors  (Bobi and Wilson) dancing and singing around their cars in the parking yard/ playground . The video was all shot in one place.

Ojanga Nosaba video features fire base’s Kabaya, Bobi Wine, Pastor Wilson Bugembe and other Ghetto hustlers playing chess.

At one scene in the video, Pastor Wilson Bugembe tells a story of a funeral ceremony held years ago when he was still young, but the pictures in the video are not even close to sadness, the actors are playing chess!

About the lighting and picture quality, The Pastor Rasta discussion is colourful and the light in most scenes is well distributed.

Talking about the video script and creativity, Ojanga Nosaba video is off topic, showing cars and people playing chess has nothing do with the idea portrayed in the song lyrics.

Pastor Bugembe where is the creativity? When I watched a trailer for this particular video, I anticipated a far better video and concept, to my disappointment, creativity here is minimal.

For the directors of this video, what are you paid for? Is this concept the best for such a catchy song, well if it is for you, I am personally not impressed, I believe there was so much that would be done to make a better Ojanga Nosaba video!

The audio and video don’t match at all.

Ojanga Nosaba audio was recorded from Fire records by producer Paddyman.

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