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Eagles Production:

Eagles Production:

This band was formed in the early 21st century and its original members included Musa Kavuma, Kato Lubwama, Mesearch Semakula, Geoffrey Lutaya, Ronald Mayinja, Fred Maiso, Ssekamate, Fred Seruga e.t.c. Ever since its formation, the eagles band has had a lot of success. Its currently ranked as best performers in Uganda today. For all its life time, Eagles has nurtured so many artists and these include Haruna Mubiru, Catherine Kusasira, Sophie Nantongo, Irene Nantume, Charles Ssekyewa e.t.c. Among its many successes include having two artists who won the Pam artist of the year (Ronald Mayinja and Mesearch Semakula), two best male artists, one best female artist and more than four accolades for best band.

Eagles production members also boost of having some of the best selling albums in Ugandan history such as Tulikubunkenke and Africa(Ronald Mayinja),Kankutendereze and first aid (Mesearch Semakula),Nasanga and Easy come easy go(Geoffrey Lutaya) plus this years favourite Ticket by Haruna Mubiru.

Financially, Eagles production is ranked as the most expensive band in terms of hiring as they usually charge a sum that ranges between six to fifteen millions per show. Critical research also has it that the top guys in the Eagles band are multi-millions who own assets ranging from posh cars, real estates and Hotels within Uganda.




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