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Ugandan Music Videos Get To Another Level

Ugandan Music Videos Get To Another Level

If you’ve been watching Ugandan music videos for sometime, you will agree with me, on the improvement of quality, from both the artists, producers and directors. If you checked out some of the best music videos 5years ago, you will be surprised on the quality of what producers and artists are coming up with now days. If you watch videos of Nekolera maali by Chameleone, Dorotia, Ghetto, Bam bam by Bobi wine, Gaetano, Abakyala bampangula by Bebecool and many more, and compare with today’s videos, you would say kudos for the creativity for the present producers.


Lately I have watched lots of impressing music videos on Television that prompted me to go and find out who the producers and what does it takes to shoot an impressive video in Uganda. I found one Don, one of the guys who became so prominent when Chameleone started shooting videos, he is the brain behind the videos of the likes MAMAMIA, NEKOLERA MAALI, BAM BAM and many more in the past and present he is the brain behind BUGUMU, NEKOLERA GYANGE by NAVIO, PETER MILES VIDEOS, FEELINGS by SWANGZ AVENUE, TEMPETATION by BEBECOOL and many more. He says back then shooting a video with him would cost about 400$ today shooting a video with his Deddac company would cost one not less than 1000$, if you live in Uganda.


Then there’s another producer called Centrix, the brain behind the awards winning ANFUKULA by Grace Nakimera, Bobi Wine is MAAZI MAWANVU, Chameleone’s KABONGE KOO (SEEMA NAO) feat AY from TZ, BREAD & BUTTER BY Moses radio & Weasel and many more, Centrix is this kind of guy who will give you a very high quality of video shot at night. Working with Centrix video productions, would not go for less than 1000$ depending on the script and location.


Then there’s one Bashir of BADI FILMS, he is one of the fast growing producer, we may hear soon, that he is working with artists from other countries depending on how people are appreciating his works, he is the man behind the famous WHERE YOU ARE by BLU3, RADIO & WEASEL, IRENE NAMUBIRU’S Obasinga boona, Vumilia by CHAMELOENE and many more, he brought a whole new touch to video production in Uganda, and working with him, you  would have to part with more than 1500$.

Then we have videos from legendary music producer Steve Jean’s production house FENNON records/ fennon films. Videos from Blu 3, Micheal Rose feat Navio, Tell me, and many more, working with fennon you would have to part with more than 1000$.


Then many more quality producers Like BLUEPRINTS productions who do all Bebecool’s videos today, Desire Luzinda,Kid Fox’s jooli eyo and many more, working with BLUEPRINTS, would depend, on the script but you can work for a minimum of 500$. Then the upcoming video producer kimxp.kontact productions that is the new phenomenon that has done videos for Radio & Weasel, Diamond Oscar, Azziz Azion and many more. He got a very high quality of pictures and working with them you would part with a minimum of 500$ depending on the script.

And they’re many other productions houses these include; JAHLIVE, MUDESTAL/BOYE, SOLE EDIT productions, and many more these all produce good videos, depending on how much you willing to cash in. and comparing on the quality of videos all these guys are coming up with, and with the not so good equipment they use, I think Uganda we are on the right path. And thanks to all the people who work tirelessly to improve the quality of videos. And if you want to view Ugandan videos, you can watch all of them on click videos.





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