#MombasaRocks Photos: Exclusive Pictures of Chris Brown performance in Mombasa.

Chris Brown performing at the Mombasa Rocks Music Festival - October 8th 2016.

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HiPipo Reporter.

#MombasaRocks Music Festival was held on Saturday 8th October at MaMa Ngina Drive Mombasa with Chris Brown as the lead artiste.

This historical concert marketed Mombasa across the world. Over the weekend, most of the Hotels in Mombasa were overbooked as fans traveled from Nairobi, Tanzania and Uganda to watch Chris Brown. Tamarind, English Point Marina, Mombasa Continental Resort, Whitesands Beach Resort and Voyager Beach Resort were the most booked.

Here are some exclusive photos of Chris Brown performing as taken by Michael Khateli (gallerymichaelkhateli.blogspot.ug/)