M Julius

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Makumbi Julius aka M. Julius (25 years old) started singing in 2008. His debut song Silina was an instant hit.
It played on East Africa TV for 2 months. He instantly followed up with Olabika Bulungi, a song in which he praised a girl’s good looks (puh…lease). This song was so popular that it was played in all local pubs and nightclubs. M Julius’ other songs including Kankutwale, Nkwetaaga, Protect your life have all been equally successful. The latter urges young people to give up on sugar dads/sugar mommas. Currently, Julius has set up his own music group called Skylight Entertainment, which includes such heartthrobs like Vivian Ndagire. Vivian Ndagire has a hit single Tulisenga mu bile which is getting good airplay on UBC TV and all local radio stations.