Hindu Asha

Sounds Like: Tina Turner, Tony Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Whitney HoustonLabel: Black promotions entertainment
Manager: Eric Black

Hindu is a Ugandan Musician/Vocalist/Composer/Economist. Unique in all aspects, she does music that cuts across all ages &social classes influenced by R&B, soul, Afro-pop & gospel. Her music journey started in 2008 after her participation in idols East Africa, a competition that made Hindu appreciate music. By the end of 2010, She had recorded an album titled “Omukwano” and also won an accolade for gospel diva of the year in 2011 for her gospel single “Nzize”. She has worked with commendable record producers including Henry Kiwuuwa and Paddyman and also shared a stage with international music starts such as Zambian artist Mampi. Hindu Asha has also done collaborations/duets with big artists; Dr. Hilderman of Uganda in “Akakooti”and Ekigya Kigye and Italian guitarist; Marco Gambarelli in “My country” among others.


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