Henry Tigan

Henry Tigan aka Henry Kirumaganyi is a multi-talented and hardworking musician. He does reggae and afro-beat music. The success of his first single Emiranga was so mega that many music fanatics and followers believed that he was heading for bigger international platforms. Collaborations with Jamaican musicians such as Marlon Usher and Mighty Mystic added more to his already shining portfolio. However, this has not lived to happen. He has instead concentrated on entertaining only the home market. Henry Tigan has so many great and inspirational songs. These include Emiranga, Muzudde, Abogezi, Lwaki Oninza, Waddawa, Nsiimye Gwe, Empisazo featuring Rena and Aneganye alongside Ghetto President Bobi Wine among others. Between 2005 and 2009, Henry Tigan was signed under Suudi Entertainment. In 2010, Henry Tigan got misunderstandings with his promoter Suudi. They broke up and Henry Tigan kicked off his solo career. After his break up with Suudi, Tigan released a collabo with Doctor Hilderman titled Mr. Matama. In Mr. Matama, Henry Tigan explained how his former manager and main promoter was only exploiting him and his talent. Get all details about Henry Tigan’s music life on this page.


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