GNL Zamba aka Ernest Zamba Nsimbi is the Luga-flow maestro. GNL and a few other boys are the reasons as to why Hip-Hop is growing so fast in Uganda today. Zamba started his Hip-hop journey ten years back as a street rapper. He was a common figure at Sabrina�s pub and former DV8. For quite a long period of time, GNL did Luga-flow but got minimal appreciation and respect from the fans. He nevertheless continued doing his Luganda rap with hopes of becoming a star. In 2008, GNL Zamba recorded a single titled Soda featuring Unique. Little did he know that Soda was going to work out a miracle that would change his life forever! Day after day, Soda became more admired and respected by people across all ages. By the end of 2008, Soda was a big hit and GNL Zamba became a star. Since then, his life has never been the same. In the following year (2009), Zamba released a full album titled Koyi Koyi. His 2009 Koyi Koyi album launch at Kati Kati was the most attended Hip-Hop concert in Uganda. Today, GNL Zamba is the proud founder and CEO of Baboon Forest Entertainment; the hottest Hip-Hop crew in Uganda. His biggest solo songs are Soda, Koyi Koyi, Kikankane, Wuuba and Luuka among others. Ani Aluleeta!


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