Father Ankton

Father Ankton has been in the Ugandan music industry for a number of years, since the early 2000s. His life dream was to become reverend father/ priest of the Roman Catholic Church. Though he failed to meet up with all school requirements and didn’t complete his studies. Father Ankton’s music is characterized with a funny, but also informative and educative feel. Father Ankton became popular with his Dear Museveni (Gulu) song in which he sang about the suffering that children in war affected areas go through.Father Ankton has other singles such as 100% Percent, Mberera Virgin, Premier League, Vuvuzela and Ekimansulo among others.
Ankton has of late been producing his songs from Kololo based Krystal Clear studios with producer Nash. You can listen to all Father Ankton songs and watch Ankton’s music videos exclusively on HiPipo.com ‘The Ultimate social entertainment Source’.


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