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Empress is Ugandan, young and talented female Ragga-Dancehall artist. She came to the lime light late in 2009. She was first signed with a local promotion company called Ug Records, along with Luga Ragga dancehall self proclaimed King ‘Rabadaba’. Empress’s songs like Aneepena and Nakibuka featuring Coco Finger have in the past made appearance on the prestigious HiPipo Charts top 20 countdown. She was also nominated for the Diva awards 2010 Ragga-Dancehall artist award.Empress has previously released songs like Awete, Aneepena ( Anewala), You make me with Mighty Son, Nakibuuka with Coco Finger and Now Now (Sembela). She has recorded from studios such as Hannz records, South Side Studios, Ark Records among others.