Dr Suudi

Dr. Suudi real names Ngobe Masudi Ssentongo started singing way back in Sunday school.The talented rapper and radio personality first recorded a song with a music group known as ‘The cross’, in 2002; a group with which Dr Suudi recorded 2 albums before here went solo.
His first solo album came out in 2008 and it was titled Muno. Muno single was one of the most popular gospel songs in town back then.
As a solo artist, Dr Suudi has produced 2 albums and his latest is known as ONE WAY DIRECTION. It comes with singles such as Beera Nange , Jesus Walk, Lokoka , Kyongozi and I am like a wave among others.
He is a record producer that majors in commercials and has to date recorded a number of adverts that air on local and international radios, TVCs etc. The rapper is also a Voice actor that writes all this music.


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