Diana Nalubega

In an industry where artists disappear as fast as they came in, one where the biggest impact some musicians make is the bang with which they fall; I can’t fail to give credit to such an artist as Diana Nalubega, the HiPipo Music Awards (HMA) Breakthrough artist nominee.
Some of her fans call her Kabiite while others call her Kisumuluzo, all of which are titles of her hit songs; but one thing is for sure about Diana, she’s got talent. She is so humble and down to earth that one would not easily tell how talented she is by merely looking at her.

HiPipo Music Awards Winner Year
Best Afrobeat Song – Mpulunguse by Diana Nalubega 2016 HiPipo Music Awards
The MTN Most Selling Song : Kisumuluzo – Diana Nalubega 2014 HiPipo Music Awards



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