Aziz Azion

Aziz Azion is one musician who has seen it all. Rising from a backup singer to an instrumentalist and now complete musician is never an easy task. Before he became a house hold name Aziz Azion had been part of several musical groups. He once worked with Jose Chameleone and Mariam Ndagire. In 2008, Aziz Azion released a single titled Nkumira Omukwano. This love song went on to top music charts for more than one year. With the success of Nkumira Omukwano, Aziz Azion got more media mileage and appreciation. This marked the beginning of his success story. Minus Nkumira Omukwano, Aziz Azion has got other great songs such as Yegwe, Oxygen, Beautiful and Wampisa. He is the self proclaimed Ugandan king of RnB!


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