Jackie Kizito’s Mayumba Kumi Concert was Massive. Kadongo Kamu Kuntikko, Indeed!

HiPipo Reporter,

Yesterday, Jackie Kizito, the winner of the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards Best Afro-Folk song (Mayumba Kumi) held her Mayumba Kumi concert.

Mayumba Kumi concert was extremely successful with thousands of music fans turning up, the earlier rain drizzles not withstanding. Between 6pm and 8pm, rain drizzles were the news at the concert venue, something that worried both fans and organizers.

Mayumba Kumi Concert turn up by 9:00pm when this photo was taken. By 10:30pm, venue was filled up to capacity

However, the rain didn’t stop fans from turning up in big numbers. By 8pm, there was already an audience big enough to start the show. By, 10:00pm, the venue was filled up with fans enjoying a fusion of Kadongo Kamu and Afro-Urban Music.

Big names representing Kadongo Kamu and Urban music performed at the concert, Jackie Kizito was the main act and she never disappointed. It was a concert worth every penny spent.

Today, Mayumba Kumi Concert is at Wobulenzi Crimson Gardens, 31st March will be in Kayunga, 1st April will be at Briton Hotel Nyendo and lastly 2nd April will be in Lukaya. See you there.

Jackie Kizito at Mayumba Kumi Concert.

Jackie Kizito and her fans after winning the award for Afro-Folk song (Mayumba Kumi) on 4th February at the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards 2017-Serena Hotel.


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