Bebe Cool beats deadline to release Tombawala an hour to midnight

HiPipo Reporter.

Yesterday Big Size Bebe Cool once again showed the world that he is ready to walk the talk in order to reap desired goals in his music journey.

At the end of September 2016, Bebe Cool imposed on himself a strange and hard target of releasing a new song every first day of the month. On October 1st, he released Sente. At the start of November, he released Azina Aseka.


However, through out yesterday, 1st December there was no communication from him about an impending release. While his close circle and fans were silent on what to expect, many of his critics were having a great day at office, perhaps Social Media as they laughed and rubbished his strategy.

But something different happened. At 11:00pm, the three time winner of the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards Artiste of the Year accolade released a new song titled Tombawala ( Don’t be Far from Me). The release caught majority by surprise. Both audio and video for this song were released on the same time and uploaded on the internet immediately.


Tombawala was written and produced by Andre, audio mastered and video produced by Ogopa Inc. This latest fused Afropop song comes at a time when, Bebe Cool is working on thrilling and exciting not only East Africa but the whole of Africa with focus on West and South. Considering that Afropop music is booming in western Africa, a song like Tombawala has a chance to compete favorable.

The video which is mainly black and white is on point with clear shots, cool models and easy dance. Watch it now.


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