Kimala is just Enough! Desire Luzinda is back with a bang, teams up with TNS.

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HiPipo Reporter.

A few days ago, Desire Luzinda released a new song titled Kimala, produced by Diggy Baur from Sound Cova studio. And guess what, this is the exact song she needed for a big come back.

After several ups and downs, Desire Luzinda now has a song with the potential of becoming a massive hit. Here is why.

First, the song Kimala has a simple, easy to remember and exciting chorus. In just one listen, one is able to remember the chorus. …..Kimala, ……Kimala, …..Kimala. When translated in English, Kimala means Enough. Like its title, this song is just enough for aiding her massive come back.

Secondly, while the song is voiced by Desire Luzinda, we can exclusively reveal that it is owned by Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa. Yes, Jeff Kiwa and his Team No Sleep are in charge of the song’s marketing and promotion. Their reputation and competence in that area is incomparable and undoubted.  With Sheebah, TNS currently has one of the most marketable artistes in Uganda. Kimala is in the right hands.


Lastly, Desire Luzinda is a controversial artiste that is loved and hated in the same measure. But particularly, thousands of fans love her music. She already has a big fan base as her start point.

As such, all indications show that Kimala is going to be a massive tune. Watch out for it.