Both Big Eye and Wizkid will get the Audience each deserves

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Solo Dre.

Come 3rd December 2016, two highly anticipated events will take place.

First, Big Eye Starboss will hold his much waited for and well planned Nkuziniremu Self Contained Concert at La Grande Hotel, Bwaise. Entrance there will be UGX 10,000 and UGX 20,000 for VIP. Minus Big Eye’s 2 hour live music performance, his concert will be graced by a huge number of Ugandan top artistes including Dr Jose Chameleone, David Lutalo, King Saha, Da New Eagles and many others.

On the same day, Wizkid will be at Lugogo Cricket Oval for a StarTimes and Face TV sponsored concert. The show is part of Startimes’ 6 years in Uganda celebrations. The curtain raisers at that event will include Dr Jose Chameleone and Winnie Nwagi.

As such, there is a lot of hullabaloo around town about these two concerts. Many wannabe pundits are fearing for Big Eye noting that the Wizkid concert will affect the turn up at his concert.

But, I can with so much authority tell you that this is not true.  Big Eye will have a great turn up at Bwaise and Wizkid will have a good audience at Lugogo. Minus the cheap talk, these concerts are not direct competitors. Here is why.


Locations and Target Market:

Big Eye is concert is in Bwaise, Kawempe division. This is one of the most congested and highly populated divisions of Kampala. The people there are mainly from the informal sector, call them mass and emerging market. These love Big Eye’s music. But importantly, the artistes curtain raising for Big Eye are their favorites too. I mean Chameleone, David Lutalo, King Saha and Da New Eagles among others. Because of this, it is most likely that many will turn up at La Grande come 3rd December.

To be precise, the Bwaise event will be attended by mainly fans from Kawempe Division, Rubaga Division and Nansana Municipality.   I mean areas like Nansana, Namugoona, Nabweru, Kazo, Bwaise, Kawaala, Kasubi, Mbogo, Tula, Katooke, Makerere ku biri, Kikoni, and Kavule etc. Others will come from Kampala Arcades and downtown shopping centers. Fans away from these areas will be mere spillovers.

On the other hand, Wizkid is at Lugogo Cricket Oval. The event is mainly targeting the teens, youth and young corporates. The fans expected at Lugogo are so different from those expected at La Grande.


Ticket Cost:

Quite obvious and straight forward. Big Eye is charging UGX 10,000 and 20,000 for VIP. He needs a maximum of 5000 fans at La Grande Hotel. On the other hand, Wizkid concert is priced at UGX 20,000 for ordinary ticket and 100,000 for VIP tickets. Lugogo cricket oval has a capacity of over 20,000 people.  Big Eye targets are easier to attain.

In conclusion, while Big Eye will be at La Grande Hotel on the same day Wizkid will be at Lugogo Cricket Oval, both Artistes will get the Audiences they deserve. If one under performs, such a performance must not be blamed on the other.