Jenkins Mukasa preaches Positivity in ByaLeero

HiPipo Reporter.

We are living in very hard and trying times; characterized by money scarcity, unemployment, so many bills to pay, and inflation among others. As such, many people are very depressed, desperate and almost giving up.

In such trying times, there is a need for reassurance that things will be better, that we should never give up on life, that tomorrow will be fine, that GOD is with us and our dreams are valid.

A heartily message of courage and hope is contained in Jenkins Mukasa’s latest single titled ByaLeero.  The song preaches positivity.  In this Sunset Reggae single, the Dembe FM Talk and Talk Radio show panelist – Jenkins emphasizes that there are no permanent conditions and situations change every passing day.

He notes that life is a journey which involves so many ups and downs. While you are looking for school fees, some one else is searching for lunch, a neighbor has medical bills to pay while another person is struggling to pay rent. Such is life. But nonetheless, you have to move on with LIFE!

ByaLeero summarized.

Song : Byaleero

Genre : Sunset Reggae

Artiste : Jenkins Mukasa

Written by : St Andrew the Writer

Produced by : Kingsley and Jenkins @ Buddies studio

Guitar by : Shalma

About Jenkins Mukasa.

Jenkins Mukasa has been doing music for more than 20 years.  In a recent interview with local media, he noted;

“Well, I have between 40 to 60 songs and three albums so far. I released my first album way back in 1996 with my longtime buddies Patrick Birungi and Messe. HK studios bought the album at Shs600,000. I released the second album (Suubi) in 2003 and I launched it at Ange Mystique in 2004. The third album named Jenkins Mukasa was released in 2008 and all tracks on that album are reggae.”



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