25 Female Musicians’ songs that are shaping the 2016 music scene.

Solo Dre

Ladies, Ladies and Ladies! This is for the hard working ladies. The female musicians whose songs are making 2016 a successful musical year thus far. Those female songs that have had the fans loving, dancing, crying and laughing throughout. The divas’ songs that have moved crowds and shaped the year.

Lydia Jazmine performing Same Way with Geosteady.

Lydia Jazmine performing Same Way with Geosteady.

We are in the second week of October and yes there are still 10 weeks to the end of the year. Even though some big songs can emerge in the remaining days before we say bye to 2016, those can only improve this list. What we have seen in the ten months is so far befitting of recognition and appreciation.

Before I forget, first things first; the nominations of the prestigious fifth HiPipo Music Awards (#HMA2017) are on. Take time off and nominate your best musicians and coolest songs for this year. HMA2017 will be held on 4th February at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

This list of the 25 Female Musicians’ songs that are shaping the 2016 music scene is purely based on media power play, fans’ reception, and on ground circulation.

This year alone, I have carefully listened to music and followed its proceedings across various media, attended several shows, and had multiple engagements with different stakeholders; mainly diehard fans and on-the-ground promoters.

Chiefly, I have had an opportunity to chat about and critic music with several artistes themselves. All these and more activities give me the authority to count down the year freely and easily.


Sheebah Karungi at HiPipo Music Awards 2013, Theater Labonita. Today, she is among Uganda’s best ever.

In the list, you are definitely going to find your favorite female jams for 2016. You are also going to find some songs you never paid attention to yet they are have performed well this year. You may also find songs you have never heard about or listened to yet they are massive among the fans. Definitely, many of you, your ears are not on the ground thus I don’t expect you to know all these 25 songs though am sure you know most of them.

Enough said, here are the 25 Female Musicians Songs that are shaping the 2016 music scene.

Nkwatako by Sheebah Karungi

Omusawo by Winnie Nwagi

Same Way by Lydia Jazmine and Geo Steady

Oliwa Mukisa by Stabua Natooro

Alintwala by Stecia Mayanja

Sembera by Irene Ntale

Wadawa by Sheebah Karungi and Chosen Blood

Twala Byange by Grace Nakimera and David Lutalo

Ndi mu Love by Princess Amiirah

Sibya Mukisa by Rema Namakula

Ompanise by Naira Ali

Magic by Winnie Nwagi

Ontuuka by Carol Nantongo and Hilderman

Mbeera Eno by FILLE

I DO by Diana Nalubega

Talemwa by Maureen Nantume and Pastor Bugembe

Still Standing by Cindy Sanyu

Sembera Mary Bata

Nawe by Clarisa Nabulime

Tuli Kuki by Spice Diana

Nazaala by Lily Kadima

Addicted by Irene Namubiru and Maro

Nakutegera by Betina Namukasa

Kidomoole by Hindu Asha

Farmer Remix by Sheebah and Ykee Benda

And that is that. Those are the 25 female musicians’ songs that are shaping 2016.