Victor Kamenyo unsure of when he will hold his Concert.

HiPipo Reporter.

Luga Flow rapper Victor Kamenyo of the Amalala fame is unsure of when his next concert will take place.

Originally planned for 9th October 2016, the concert was rescheduled after Victor Kamenyo and his management failed to secure Freedom City, their preferred venue for the show.. This venue had already been booked by Victor Kamenyo’s nemesis Gravity Omutujju who is to stage his money concert there on Independence day, 9th October.

Victor Kamenyo later tried to secure a date in November to hold a concert at Freedom City and the venue records indicated that it was overbooked for November.

Frustrated with this, Kamenyo settled with hold his concert on 23rd December at Club Ambiance Parking, Bukesa. However, this too may not happen. Firstly, his advisers believe that the venue ( Club Ambiance Parking) is too small for an artiste as big as Victor Kamenyo. Secondly, their efforts to book a bigger venue are yet to bear any fruits.

The latest is that this concert may take place in March 2016.

In other news, Victor Kamenyo’s latest release, Nduulu is fastest growing in different suburbs. Music fans love the message there and continue to enjoy it.

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