My List of Twenty Songs that have had Ugandans Dancing and Talking in 2016.

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If you hadn’t recognized it, the year is coming to an end. Yes, we are in October 2016. We are less than 90 days away from 2017. That is how fast this year has been. Let us continue to work both smart and hard and also passionately pray to GOD to guide and protect us all.

To those that set year goals, how much have you accomplished? How many are you remaining with? And for some that haven’t done much, easy; don’t be hard on yourselves. You can start now and still accomplish so much.

Importantly, nominations for the 2017 HiPipo Music Awards – #HMA2017 are already underway. They started on 1st October. It is a call for everyone to nominate their best songs and artistes. I am nominating mine, you too should nominate yours.

From January to date, I have clearly followed the music industry. Last week, I shared a list of 20 rising Artistes who based on market research have done so well in 2016. If they can double or triple their efforts, they will be big stars very soon.

Today, I am sharing my list of 20 songs – audio or video or both that have kept Ugandans dancing and talking from January 2016 to date. This list is based on my personal data gathering, media (Radio, TV and Internet) power play and rotation in Clubs and Bars. Some of the songs on my list are as old as one month while others were released at the start of 2016. A few may have been released at the end of 2015.


Like noted in the heading these are ‘my Twenty Songs that have had Ugandans dancing and talking in 2016’ so far.  This is not a list of hit songs. You don’t have to agree with it. Importantly, you too can come up with your list and share with me. Together, we may even have a greater list. Below is mine!

1. Kabulengane by Bebe Cool


2. Njogereza by Navio


3. Nkwatako by Sheebah Karungi

nkwatako sheebah

4. Tuli Majje by Ziza Bafana

Ziza Bafana walked the talk at the successful Agende Tuli Majje Concert.

5. Omusawo by Winnie Nwagi


6. Number Emu Kabako by Roden Y


7. Akalulu by Ziza Bafana


8. Wadawa by Chosen Blood and Sheebah Karungi


9. Agatako by Deejay Pius and Dr Jose Chameleone


10. Same Way by Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine


11. Mbiro Mbiro remix by Eddy Kenzo and Niniola


12. Money by Gravity and David Lutalo


13. Sala Pressure by MunG Mato


14. Mwana Gwe by King Saha


15. Ki Ekiganye by Bebe Cool

ki ekiganye bebe cool

16. Omulembe Guno by Aziz Azion and Sheebah Karungi


17. Ndiwamululu by Geo Steady


18. Oliwa Mukisa by Stabua Natooro


19. Farma (Farmer) remix by Ykee Benda and Sheebah Karungi


20. Jigi Jigi by Dickson Effekt.


Until then. For now, you can contact me directly by emailing (


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