Date Night Sembera: Irene Ntale shines at maiden Concert.

Radio and Weasel perform Bikola with Irene Ntale at Date Night Sembela Concert

Radio and Weasel perform Bikola with Irene Ntale at Date Night Sembela Concert

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HiPipo Reporter.

For almost every musician, it is about hit songs, and great concerts. These two usually bring the rest ; endorsements, money, friends, fans and so much more.

Irene Ntale on Friday held her maiden concert and it was massive. Date Night Sembera concert was hosted at the Sheraton Hotel Gardens and had revelers parting with UGX 50,000 for an ordinary ticket and 100,000 for VIP tickets.


The production both by Swangz Avenue and Vibes Sounds was great, the audience was lively, and there was nice fashion on show. But importantly, Irene Ntale gave a worthwhile live performance. On the guitar, she rocked!


Other performers included, Radio, Weasel, Bebe Cool, Winnie Nwagi and Rema among others. This was Irene Ntale’s night and she took the day.

Here is what Maurice Kirya, a fellow artiste had to say about Irene Ntale’s performance.

“Last night I went to Irene Ntale’s concert, usually I have fun at concerts coz I am there to have fun anyway, so that means regardless of how bad an event is, I make it a point to enjoy its awesome moments, last night I did not only walk away saying I enjoyed the awesome moments but I can gladly say that Irene Ntale earned my respect, musically you could tell she had practiced a lot, her voice was on point, she wasn’t afraid to lose herself into her craft and she didn’t worry much about what the crowd opinion was at that point, her guitar playing was awesome, it wasn’t for ratings or money, I saw a girl who was thankful to be onstage and be a true artiste, I saw an artiste who wants to grow, I saw a female version of who I used to be, and who I still am. Rock on Irene, there is more to come. Irene Ntale.”

Below are more photos from the Date Night Sembera concert as gathered from across the Web/Internet.