Ugandan Reggae Sensation Josh Roy Continues To Impress In South Korea.

Mohamed Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

I landed on Josh Roy almost by accident, when I watched a video clip of an evidently African musician moving a typical Korean audience with his performance. I immediately dug deep about him and was mesmerized to learn that he was actually Ugandan. That was a few years back.

I have since kept my attention on this guy and what captivates me even more is that Josh Roy has a following and gets people dancing wherever he performs – big or small, he has the venue hopping. Tireless he dances and moves to the music as much as he moves people with his music and his words.  Guess this has something to do with the energy and passion with which he does his thing.

I recently caught up with Josh Roy and he says that he is steadily working on new music, making the best input to his 14 track Special People album.

“I'm also dropping a new music video for my dancehall tune "Kaboom" in two weeks.”- Josh Roy confirmed.    

Our recent conversation took me back to what I said a few years back. Reggae music has been very popular in Africa and the Caribbean; and its growing fame in Korea has a Ugandan flag and face to it – a flag that is currently being carried by Josh Roy! I’m glad that Josh Roy took the complement seriously and continues to impress with awesome music.

It also gives me the pleasure that I’m not the only music commentator that feels Josh Roy is a massive force. According to Dustin Wilshire of NEH Magazine, “Reggae has a place on the Korean music scene in the form of Ugandan sensation Josh Roy”.

Having given his word that his Kaboom video will be top quality, let’s wait around for it, while wishing this brother all the best.


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