Mun G, Radio and Weasel in Kukumba Video

Med Kimbugwe

Money, gambling, girls and fun; that’s what Kukumba video is all about. Kicking off on the positive side, the video offers a variety to the viewers, right from splashing money to the bootylicious girls; you sure will not get bored watching the video.

The video kicks off with a shot of a casino interior, which right away indicates what the video is all about. It is also a rather urban video, so it is understandable if you don’t find much of a typical story or lots of interesting drama in the video.

However, I think they were allowed limited numbers in the casino, since it looks empty compared to the second location which has the crowds. I also think the same restrictions greatly limited camera creativity at the casino, since it is very evident that the camera could only work within a limited area.

I also feel they could have done better with choreography and put the crowds on the second location to better use, since they were idle most of the time. There was also an attempt to create a side story, which doesn’t quite come out.

Other than that, the video explores creative angles in location two, awesome camera movement and a whole lot of fun.  There are also times when the interplay between lights and fog creates an amazing effect.

Towards the end, the crowds get really crazy giving the video an amusing climax.

For a video that was shot in two major locations, I find Kukumba a fairly good viewing.

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