Mityana Comes To A Standstill As Thousands Bid Farewell To AK47

Med Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe.

Residents from different walks of life lined up by the roadside in Mityana to behold probably the biggest volume of both human and vehicular traffic they've ever seen in their area. Waving in excitement at each vehicle that drove by, people and structures alike got swallowed up in dust, a thing that was not about to deter them from witnessing this historic procession.

That should by now, have given you a clear impression of the thousands of people that turned up to bid farewell to Emmanuel Mayanja Hammerton, popularly known as AK47, who breathed his last on Monday night. Celebrities, family, friends and fans braced the distance, heat and dust to give AK47 an honorable send off.

I for one cannot forget the so many people who made the Journey from Kampala to Mityana on motorcycles (Boda Boda); and along the way to Mityana, it was very touching to drive past young men on Boda Boda, holding placards with AK47's pictures. By the time they made it to the ancestral burial grounds of the Mayanja family, such people were already covered in dust, that it was hard to recognise who they actually were.

Due the volume of human and vehicle traffic, people started parking cars as far as fifteen Kilometres away and walking the rest of the distance.

It was during these walking moments that one would rub shoulders with a whole lot of activities. Resilient people that were determined to walk all the way to the burial venue, those who chose to make mourning stations at different points away from the official burial as well as those who did not actually manage to make it to the funeral grounds; it was a cocktail of people, each bidding farewell to AK47 the best way they knew how.

A few minutes before 5:00 PM, Emmanuel Mayanja's casket was lowered into his final resting place, in the midst of tears by family, friends and fans. While his body was lowered into his final abode, thousands were still walking, hoping that they would be in time for the funeral, while thousands more had given up the walking and decided to mourn at the points up to where their legs could carry them.

As we drove back from Mityana, residents still waited by the roadside, hoping to scatter a glance at a celebrity or two. That's when I closed my eyes and prayed one last time, for Emmanuel Mayanja to rest in peace.


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