Lowooza kunze; Rema Namakula

Kaggwa Andrew

At first we thought no artiste was allowed to shoot videos for the Elly Wamala renditions, then Rema shocked us by releasing Lowooza kunze.

Girl has had a tough year, releasing an ill-advised and below per Muchuzi, then having to explain her pregnancy almost everywhere she went as media kept lining up any man they thought suitable to father her baby – from Ssematimba to Walukaga.

Deep in Love was good but just above average, then came in the Wamala renditions; Lowooza kunze was one of the better done songs on the project, highly debatable and a couple of issues arising from her false vocals.

Then comes the video – a highly graphical beginning that promises us a journey but simply disappears after a few seconds, I mean, if the video will be hugely wordy or graphical it would be good to be consistent.

Then Rema’s lack of energy in this video is overwhelming, she is seated for almost 90% of it singing with a lazy landscape in the background and two men playing a saxophone and guitar respectively.

Now this is where many video directors get it wrong both Wamala and Rema’s versions feature minimal stripped guitar instrumentations that it needs a very keen ear to listen to. That guitar guy in the video was uncalled for considering the fact that he represented a sound that is not significant in this particular song.

The cinematographer though does well in playing with our minds especially with those closeup, back and front shots before fully unveiling her baby bump on camera.

In fact, as the song fades, its more vivid that Rema was indeed dedicating the late’s song to her lovely unborn.

Good song, still questionable video!


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