A Closer Look at Translator by Kapalaga and Joan Dush

Med Kimbugwe

Communication has never been easy in matters of love, but it gets even more complex when you have a crush on someone whose language you have no clear comprehension of. You can therefore resort to sign language or find a translator. That’s what this translator song is primarily about.

Translator is rendered primarily in Luganda and spiced with English and Kinyarwanda. The story of the song rotates around a Muganda man and a Munyarwanda lady, who have a thing for each other but have no modus of communication, hence the need for a translator.

The audio of translator is upbeat with a lively track, made of such ingredients that people dance to. The Kinyarwanda part even gives it more flavor and worth listening and dancing to. It has enough variety that you sure will not find it monotonous.

The track also endeavors at some point to bring out a Kinyarwanda traditional feel. Much as it sounds more of a Kinyankore traditional beat, the attempt in itself is commendable. It shows that an attempt was made to do justice to the traditional aspect of the song.

Translator video on the other hand has a rich choice of locations and interesting shots, a combination of which gives the eye a pleasant feel. The performance too is lively and also caters for some aspects of the Kinyarwanda traditional dance.

In all, translator is a beautiful song with a well thought about and lively video, both of which will give you an amazing experience.

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