Music Stars Must Give Back To The Industry And Society In General

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The unavoidable truth must be told! If it was not for the support of music fans and other structures in the Ugandan music industry, Ugandan music stars would not be as successful as they are. As such, whereas it is not mandatory, it is just fair that music stars give back to fans and the industry in one way or another.

Hope this does not sound like am a jealous chap making unrealistic demands, but I’m just being sincere. This success should be a two way street. The fans, the DJs, the producers among so many others, must also realize the benefits of their work in line with helping a star shine.

Well, I know you can argue that their talent and hard work are responsible for their success; but that alone would not be enough without the guys who pay to attend concerts, radio and TV presenters, producers, song writers and Disc Jockeys, among so many other players in the industry.

As such, musicians can give back in terms of charity as well as helping develop sustainable structures in the industry. They must play a tangible role in ensuring the sustainability and continued growth of this industry, so that others after them can also reap from it.

Technically speaking, they must mentor younger musicians, organize workshops through which aspiring stars can receive training of different natures in the art of music; as well as investing in such things as studios, DJ academies, music schools among so many others.

They must also run countrywide campaigns, aimed at searching for and grooming new talent. That’s the least they can do for an industry that has supported them for all these years; an industry that has built them mansions, bought them monster wheels and helped them attain a fabulous life.

They must also get thickly involved in charity and helping the disadvantaged people in our society. This is not just part of showbiz, but goes a long way in showing a musician’s maturity and sense of gratitude to the very society that made him or her.

However, like I earlier said, this is not compulsory. Every musician has the liberty to decide whether or not they want to get involved; but at the end of the day, the world is watching very closely.


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