Kiprotich Has Lessons for Ugandan Musicians

Medkimbugwe [at]

As we speak right now, Kiprotich must be the most spoken about Ugandan, after winning the IAAF World Championships Marathon in Moscow. As you lounge in the sweetness of this victory, do you realize that Ugandan musicians have a lot of lessons to learn from Kiprotich?

I’ll start with competition. Kiprotich’s victory was not easy in any way. He had to shed off tight competition, especially from the Ethiopians. Ugandan musicians need to pick a lesson from Kiprotich. They need to learn that the tougher the competition, the sweeter the victory.

Instead of looking at competitors as enemies, musicians must embrace competition as an opportunity to earn bigger victories. They must also learn that one can comfortably “run” side by side with their competitors without meaning any harm to them.

Hard work is another aspect of Kiprotich’s victory that our musicians can borrow. No success comes easily. Apart from training hard all his life, Kiprotich did not take chances ahead of the Moscow showdown. He had to take a retreat in Kenya where he trained even harder.

It takes hard work in life to be successful; and this does not exclude music. Ugandan musicians, young and old must cuddle hard work, without leaving anything to chance. 

Kiprotich’s experience has also shown that one must be consistent no matter what. After winning the Olympic Gold medal, all eyes were on Kiprotich. Later on in the London Marathon, he became the sixth. Disappointing though it was, Kiprotich put himself together, only to win a world championship.

That shows that a consistent person must keep moving no matter the huddles. If Kiprotich had given up after the London Marathon, he would not have gone ahead to become the second person in history to hold Olympic and world championship gold medals concurrently.

Therefore, as Ugandan musicians continue to flood Kiprotich with congratulatory messages allover social media, they also need to know that in his victory lay numerous and invaluable lessons too; lessons that could turn them too into legends.