HiPipo.com Announces the 2nd HiPipo Music Awards 2014, Schedule

With great innovation that will see celebration and awarding of a broad range of players in Uganda music industry, The 2nd HiPipo Music Awards 2014 (HMA2014), with the theme “The Fans Decide” have officially kicked off today 14th October and will culminate on Saturday February 8th with a remarkable gala night at Wonder World Auditorium Kansanga.

The 2nd HiPipo Music Awards 2014 activities have started with all the official nomination channels (online, mobile and hard copy forms) opening.

This is going to be followed by regional tours and nominations with the first regional tour to be held in the Southern Region (Masaka). Other regional tours will be taken to Northern Region (Gulu), Western Region (Mbarara), Eastern Region (Jinja), and a finally Central Region(Kampala).

At regional levels, HiPipo Music Awards 2014 will source nominees for the Best Regional Songs. Songs eligible for nomination in the regional categories must have been recorded by musicians based in those particular regions and must be in the region’s local language(s). Participants in Regional nominations will include musicians, media houses (Radios/TVs/Print Media) representatives and fans based in each specific region.

In Kampala, the stakeholders in the music industry (Musicians, Talent Managers, Media houses, Promoters, Producers and Fans) based in the central region will during the same period actively take part in the exercise through filling hard-copy nomination forms or completing the online nomination form that is accessible on both desktop, tablets , mobile phones  and through Facebook.  This digital innovation that HiPipo.com has always speared married with grass root reach using paper forms will enable all fans to get a chance to nominate their preferred artists and songs for all the categories.

After concluding this nomination exercise, there will be one week of screening all entries followed by the release of the official nominations list on 30th November 2013 in Kampala. This will be followed by opening up the voting channels (online mobile and desktop web and SMS) for voting to commence and run until 8th February 2014 when a lavish awards gala will be held at Wonder world Auditorium Kansanga.  During the voting period, the HiPipo Music Awards Challenge, another project innovation that will engage music fans on a weekly basis will be held in the different communities of Kampala.

In a special way aimed at recognising, celebrating, awarding and promoting more talent and as more innovation to engage and embrace the music industry in whole, HiPipo Music Awards 2014 have come out with more categories that among others pay attention to gender inclusion, award more work in quality of video production, DJs and music from the different regions of Uganda. These categories details and nomination guidelines are available in the Official Nomination Guideles document that is publicly available online and freely distributed to the different stakeholders.  

After the first successful HiPipo Music Awards 2013 event, Uganda should get ready for a bigger and much better event this time around with great production,  people engagement and so much more.

HiPipo Music Awards 2014: The Fans Decide