Grace Nakimera, Juju Excite Rwanda Fans

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She is one of East Africa’s most gifted and celebrated female artistes, a people's person, independent and multi-talented entertainer that began her professional musical career back in 2004 with Pentagon and Gatimo in a song titled "Ani Akumanyi" before going solo.

Grace Nakimera is a vastly talented vocalist, performer and songwriter, who co-produces most of her songs alongside her multi-gifted brother ‘Juju’. She has in the past worked with some of the best and most accredited record producers in the land such as Henry Kiwuuwa, Washington among others.

A few weeks back, Grace Nakimera and Juju rocked Rwanda at two events that included ‘the Uganda Night’ held at The Posh in Kigali and one high profile corporate event that was attended by most of Rwanda’s top influences including the President Paul Kagame.

The Posh event was part of Grace Nakimera’s Mpola Mpola club drive that has seen the Diva perform in different clubs in Uganda, Rwanda and now plans to move ahead through other parts of Africa, Asia in China, Europe and America. Grace also plans to unleash her much anticipated Ntandika video that featured more than 30 dancers from Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy soon.

“Their performance was great and massive, she came along with very nice dancers from Uganda, something that visiting artists rarely do, we were so happy to host her and plan to invite Nakimera for many other events in the near future,” Said one of the managers at The Posh.

Day by day, her music continues growing across Africa and the singer is targeting to hit at least 30 African countries before the end of 2014.

Most of her songs come with a dynamic, classical, urban feeling, this has kept Grace very popular in the cooperate and urban youths’ markets.

Grace Nakimera is an awards winning music luminary whose music has topped different charts in East Africa since 2004. She has a big dream to fight and protect the Girl child health and education rights in Africa. Her brother Juju has been labeled by many as one of the best hype men in the Uganda Music Industry. The former DJ has his latest singles Ninga Akumanyi and Sweetest (Niwewe) doing well across different media.

Grace has won and been nominated for various local and international awards such as HiPipo Music Awards, PAM, Befta, Teeniez Awards among others.

She is most popular for classic music videos and her general branding. Her fans’ base is so amazing as her music cuts across all age groups thanks to the rich messages that all her songs carry, despite the genre.

Grace Nakimera  was in 2012 the main face of a world Record breaking event for Kiboko Group in Munyonyo, Uganda, where the world’s biggest soap carpet ever was laid.

As part of the Kiboko project, Grace Nakimera recorded an amazing, probably first ever Corporate Company Anthem in Uganda for KIBOKO GROUP.


More to that, rumor has it that the singer recently signed a big branding deal for Samona Ltd one the biggest makers of Vasciline and Herbal Soap in Uganda.