G-Snake in Customer Care Video

G-Snake, of Kampala Anyuma Kiro and Popololo fame has released Customer Care, her latest video. 

G-Snake is most definitely no stranger to most of you, both because of her music and her official python companion.

Customer care is a very sexy video! G-Snake cuts the image of a sexy goddess, on top of a table with fruits, wines and whiskies; ready to get devoured and promising customer care to her eligible suitor. When she talks about customer care in her revealing two piece outfit, you can’t agree any less.

Technically speaking, G-Snake knew exactly what she wanted while crafting this video. She was looking for something sexy, enticing and “delicious”; and that she definitely achieved with Customer Care video. That also probably explains why she did not think of a hoard of extras.

The video focuses more on props that complement the sexy feel of the video. With all the drinks and saucy eats surrounding G-Snake on the table, one would want to immediately step into the video and receive that Customer Care.

The print of the video is awesome and shots are intercut intelligently, in a way that lets the viewer catch all the necessary details in the video. I love the way the smoke and then the fire are introduced to enhance the warmth of this video.

In all, Customer Care is a sexy video, not congested, has interesting shots and the concept in amazing.