Video Review: Ajoogga by Viboyo Oweyo

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It is always great to watch a video and you get that exact feeling of the song in motion pictures. Under normal circumstances, a video should reflect the topic in the song.  Very many musicians always try to have this though many still fail to achieve it.

Two weeks back, Swangz Avenue’s Viboyo Oweyo released a video for one of his latest songs Ajoogga. This is one of the songs on his 20 track album Kiwundo Affilitionz. It has songs from 2009 to date that include Amulimba, Bisima,Time featuring Laura Kahunde, Zina featuring Benon and Vampino, Musajja Atya featuring Daisy, Nyoso na motema  featuring Mist Poa, Tulola featuring Tonix, Mbikwaata Mpola, Music Africa featuring Leila and Pale Pote featuring Kidfox and Dizzo. It will be out late this year.

After watching Ajoogga video for several times, I can now give a grounded critical review.

The strength:

It is a 4:12 minutes video that has much to offer. From the title of the song: Ajoogga literally meaning undermining, I believe that the video gives a real narration.

The different girls used in the video attest to this. They dance freely, do not care about who is watching for as long as they are enjoying what they are doing. This connects with Viboyo’s Ajoogga chorus which when translated to English is about a girl who is free, dances carelessly and does not mind anyone. The female dancers are good with great stokes continuously.

The guys in the video also do a good job. They include Viboyo, the main man, Vampino, Micheal Ross and James B among other. They dance it off easily but with great affection to the video.

Weak Link:

In all this video, my only problem is with the background animitations used throughout. They look dark and dull. It was a night video but the backgrounds would have been a little spiced up to be more appealing. The producer works hard to do more light mixing in order to lighten the background. But I believe more should have been done to improve the video background.

The verdict:

Ajoogga is a good song with a good video. From me, it gets 70 percent. Watch Ajoogga video right now and also give your independent verdict.

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