Tusker Project Fame; Where Winners Disappear Into Oblivion

Medkimbugwe {at} HiPipo.com

This is one of those articles I write believing that I could be wrong, yet I go on and give my opinion; hoping that should any one come up with a strong argument against mine, they would persuade me to change my mind. But until then, I consider my opinion right.

When it started five seasons ago, Tusker project fame was not only the most prestigious and biggest musical reality show in East Africa; but it also created the impression that it would mint stars. It had the ingredients to create stars who would be good enough not just for the local market, but internationally as well.

Yet five seasons down the road, I still struggle to attach a name to any previous winner of Tusker Project Fame. As if that is not bad enough, I can’t attach any hit to a previous winner of the prestigious competition.

It is very obvious that all the winners over the years have been very talented. It is also not doubt that the academy has some of the most qualified teachers and judges. But why then have the winners found it hard to last on the East African market?

This is what I feel. The Academy and judges create winners for a market that only exists in their dreams.

The project has failed to penetrate the dynamics that run the East African music industry. This would help them create stars that are equal to the hustle which comes with our local industry.  

They fail to remind the stars that success outside the academy is much harder and less glamorous than their house and stage. The project creates stars that can sing so well, but lack the “business” skills that face them outside the academy.

Like I said before, I may be wrong; so feel free to come up with a better explanation as to why the project fame has failed to create stars.

Please note that, the views expressed in this article do not represent the position of HiPipo.com on this matter.


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