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Watch Getting money video by Town Bidness featuring D’anna

When I watched Getting money, a Town Bidness featuring D’anna video; I was amazed by its quality that I picked inquisitive interest in this Seattle based Hip Hop group. My interest was even heightened by the fact that one of the members is Ugandan

TOWN BIDNESS is a Hip-hop group whose music is a clever fusion of Rap, R&B and Dance Sounds. The group was formed in Seattle, Washington in 2007 by two distressed teenagers from two different walks of life who wanted nothing, but to get away from the STREET LIFE.

When the 24 yr old Abdul Kobye aka DULLY and the 23 yr old Aaron Johnson aka TRAUMA met in 2005, the two hit it off as friends and when they decided to form a group, it was history in the making. Dully being Ugandan and Trauma being American made their creativity more broad than your typical Hip Hop group, they both contributed from their back ground and what they knew.  

With the motivation and energy Dully & Trauma had behind their goal of becoming great musicians, the duo did not waste any time to get in the booth and record their first mix album called, “Town Bidness” in 2007. The Mix Tape did tremendous on the streets and Town Bidness was officially the number one Hip Hop group in Seattle and sold over Ten Thousand copies. This Mixtape album gave Town Bidness credentials to be able to collaborate with Lil Flip on “Put her in the club” and to also perform on the same stage with acts like Nelly, Ludacris, Too Short, Chingy, Ray J, and Soulja Boy just to mention but a few.

After a year of touring and promoting their first Mixtape, in 2008 the dynamic duo went back in the studio and topped what they had created. With their second Mixtape on the way, Seattle was ready and anticipating to hear what Town Bidness had in their bag of tricks. When their second Mix Tape album ‘206 Days Later’ dropped in Sept of 2008, Town Bidness became a house hold name in Seattle as the underground Hip Hop group to beat.

After “206 Days Later” Mix Tape dropped in 2008… Town Bidness had the formula down, while making connections and touring in other states, Dully & Trauma still made time to record more songs which led to their first studio album “The Royal Flush” which was released late 2009 under their own record label TB Entertainment.

In 2010 Town Bidness was ready to expand to bigger and better things, so they reached out to Hemdee Kiwanuka of Network Showbiz in California who connected them with one of the hottest producers in Los Angeles ‘Riley Urick’ who has worked with Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy, Raven Symone, Ray J, Romeo, Lil Twist, Akon and many more.

While recording their first official and untitled studio Album with Riley Urick of Checkmate Global, the unstoppable duo got a chance to collaborate with Sam Jones III from Smallville fame on tracks like ‘Freak Under Cover & Chasing Dat Money’, Kurtis Blow Jr, son of the legendary rapper Kurtis Blow on ‘What Chu Looking At”, D’Anna on ‘Watch How I move & Getting Money’ and Tempo who have done songs with Romeo, Ray J, The college Boys to feature on tracks like ‘Cash register, Fly Chick, Peep My Swag, Chasing Money, & What Chu Looking At’.

With 3 Mix-Tapes and a large fan base in Seattle, the duo has proved to be an authority in the music industry today and continue to release continuous hit singles. The new and untitled album will be coming out early next year; Town Bidness has already shot the video to ‘Getting Money & Cash Register’.

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