Tougher Times Await Walden and Chosen after Split

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Just when Walden and Chosen were about to “celebrate” close to one year of enjoying music limelight, something happened that will have far reaching consequences on their careers. For the best or the worst, they split!

This is an issue that crossed my mind at Eddy Kenzo’s album launch at the Equatorial parking, when I saw Chosen performing Pressure ya love alone! After his performance, he went ahead to explain how he had parted ways with Faridah Walden and that there was no bad blood boiling between the two. 

I just ignored the bell that was ringing in my head at that particular time and went on to enjoy the show. That same question came ringing in my head and I just can’t ignore it anymore. It comes with the nostalgia of how about one year ago, I heard Pressure Ya Love by these ‘cousins’.

Pressure ya love was so sweet and a clear testimony that the two complemented each other vocally and in terms of personality. Their video took us back to childhood games and I felt these guys had a lot coming for them. Even their other songs such as Nalonda Gwe and Gukwate were clear indicators that the two were growing strong together each day.

Then for reasons well known to them, they parted ways! I am not a prophet of doom but this may be the start of a mega downfall. Mark my use of the English language; I said “may” in my statement therefore, this downfall is not automatic but very likely.

Time may actually come when Chosen and Walden prove me wrong with successful solo careers. That day I’ll apologize.

But while we wait for that day to come, let’s face the fact. It is going to be an uphill task for any of the two to put together a tangible solo career!

Need I remind you that even as a dual, Walden and Chosen were just slightly above the bar of upcoming artistes! They were still putting their promising trade together and then nipped it in the bud. It was a very dangerous move, but who said dangerous is bad any way?!

I may be absolutely wrong; and that is exactly why I’ll close with a question. What is the fate of Walden and Chosen’s Solo careers?!

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