Producer Paddyman blames Church for Gospel musicians going Secular

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Jackson Bakulumpagi

Paddy Kayiwa aka Paddyman, the man behind several hits in Uganda has come out and blamed the church for the increasing number of gospel artists who have turned secular.

Speaking to, Paddyman who is also a born again says that in church talent of these musicians is not appreciated in all aspects which has forced them to look for alternative avenues through which their talents can be more appreciated.

"The church doesn't give these musicians enough platforms to bring out whatever is inside them like organizing concerts for them on which they can sing their souls out and get some income to match the high costs of the industry," Paddyman said.

Paddyman advised the church to put aside some considerable amount of money which should be paid to these artists for them to be able to manage studio bills and their day to day living. This he thinks may reduce on the high gospel to secular migration.

He also condemns the habit of always preaching to already converted souls yet many unconverted souls are drowning in beers in bars. He says a doctor should go and treat the sick people in this case those in bars and not to those already in churches.

He cites the two famous collaborations of Pr Bugembe and Bobi Wine, Iryn Namubiru and Julie Mutesasira which are Ojanga Nosaba and Yani respectively that stand to answer many questions which are in the minds of the non believers.

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