People Awards Charts Top 50 Audios; Ojanga Nosaba Still Number 1


Top 50 Audios this week.

Ojanga Nosaba by Bobi Wine and Pastor Wilson Bugembe retains the first position on People Awards Audio Charts. This song has been in the first slot on the charts for a record two months in a row. The duet between a Rasta and a Pastor has of late been drawing massive attention from music fans in all parts of the country.

In second spot is Bobi Wine’s Nyimbira Kabaka; a song he sang to show respect and adoration towards His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda. It is a very popular song among Pro-Buganda communities in and outside Uganda.

In the third position is Mun G’s side-splitting Luga-flow single Gira Tugire Kyaba Too Much. Ever since its release a few months ago, Kyaba Too Much has been doing well across all media. It has been in the top five audios on the People Awards Audio Charts for more than four consecutive weeks.

Leone Island vice president AK Fortyseven comes in the fourth spot with Champion AK. Champion AK is one song that has been so popular among youthful music fans in the past four months. This song has seen AK Fortyseven elevate his music position to a more respected artiste. With Champion AK, fans and critics have come to agree that AK Fortyseven can do music without necessarily riding on the fame of his brother Jose Chameleone.

Church Boy by Mac Elvis and Elandre is fifth this week. This song is rich both lryically and vocally. Church Boy is a gospel song sang in both English and Luganda. In the song, the duo emphasizes that they are now church boys and each promises to keep following Godly ways.

Sanyu Lyange by Juliana Kanyomozi is sixth this week while Bebe Cool has two songs in the second half of the top ten audios. These are Gumikiriza which comes in seventh spot and Seaze and Sickle in tenth position. I am Uganda by Lillian Mbabazi is eightieth and Grace Nakimera’s Bwoba Sexy is ninth.

List of the top ten audios as chosen by you

1. Ojanga Nosaba by Bobi Wine and Pastor Wilson Bugembe

2. Nyimbira Kabaka by Bobi Wine

3. Gira Tugire Kyaba Too Much by MunG

4. Champion AK by AK Fortyseven

5. Church Boy by Mac Elvis Church Boy and Elandre

6. Sanyu Lyange by Juliana Kanyomozi

7. Gumikiriza by Bebe Cool

8. I am Ugandan by Lillian Mbabazi

9. Bwoba Sexy by Grace Nakimera

10. Seaze and Sickle by Bebe Cool and Rema

Those are the top ten audios this week. Click here to listen to the Top 50 Audios on People awards audio charts.

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