Pastor Bugembe dedicates latest song to August 23rd 2011 victims

Jackson Bakulumpagi

Pr Wilson Bugembe of the Biriba Bitya fame hit has released a new song about the 23rd august 2011 tragedy that befell his flock when four of them drowned to death during a retreat in Entebbe.

In this soul touching song titled ‘Teli Kirema Mukama’, produced by one producer Tonny Houls of Fire records, Bugembe recalls how a cheerful mood among the youth who he had taken for prayers at a retreat at Ben’s Beach in Bwerenga Entebbe turned into grief when four of them drowned in the Lake Victoria waters.

As you listen to this song, it becomes a must to atleast feel tears in your heart because I think that was the darkest day of the light the world church senior pastor. 

Bugembe notes in the song that as he was busy explaining to the parents of these children about how this entire thing happened, rumor spread that he had sacrificed these children, a thing that worsened the already bad situation. 

On this fateful day, Alexander Mukalazi, Albright Niwo,Abraham Ssonko and Emma Mukazi escaped from the rest of the group with whom they had gone with for camping and deliberately went swimming at Ben's beach at Entebbe that was near their camping site. Unfortunately, the four died after drowning.

In the song, Bugembe reaffirms that God is always the provider and helper of those in need. He advises people to put their grief, fear and problems to God as he is willing to always give a hand.

Listen to Teli Kirema Mukama right now. 

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