Mukama Mulisa; Allen Majara Latest Gospel Reggae Hit

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Listen to Mukama Mulisa by Allen Majara

Her song Osaanidde scooped the 2012 Olive Award for best Reggae song and after the same song was nominated for best reggae song in the debut edition of the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards (HMA); Allen is probably a Diva that needs not any tedious introduction.

In consistence with Gospel music and Reggae, Allen has released another sensational hit, Mukama Mulisa. Mukama Mulisa is a smooth reggae tune that touches a very sensitive but necessary topic; that is false prophets who divert from the doctrine of the gospel.

Corruption, homosexuality and several other vises have finally found their way to church pulpits. She calls on religious leaders to live an exemplary life and do exactly what they preach. She also calls on God to shed light in those dark spots.

Mukama Mulisa comes with a message and lessons that are timely. It comes in at a time when these vises are not only deep woven into the church, but entire moral fabric of our society. This is a very important aspect of gospel music, when it carries messages that are not only inspirational but also correctional.

This mid-tempo reggae tune with a sweet melody is one whose lyrics you’ll easily grasp and sing along with, as we all call upon God to illuminate the dark and save us the vises and falsehoods of some religious leaders.

Listen to Mukama Mulisa by Allen Majara

Mukama Mulisa single was produced and recorded by HiPipo Music Awards nominee Jose Mayanja, scripted by Allen Majara and lyrics written by Dekins.