Mega Dee Remains the Biggest Music Brand from Busoga

Medkimbugwe [at]

This obviously is my opinion and I’m ready to get crucified defending it. Gen Mega Dee remains the best thing that ever came from the Busoga Kingdom into the Ugandan music industry.

I know you can easily quote Maurice Kirya, Vampino, East World of the Foda fame, Rachael Magoola, Maro, Moses Radio and so many others as your better options; but no other musician has identified themselves with Busoga Kingdom more than Mega Dee. No matter what people say about him, Mega Dee has stayed loyal and proud of his roots.

Uganda’s only singing General as he likes to refer to himself, can be traced back to the days when he still did music with Menton Krono. Together they did songs such as  Oli Mukazi and Nga Walaba among others. Believe you me; these were a force to reckon with.

This down to earth and jolly man with an infectious smile is actually called Kigenyi Amos.

He was born in Lacor hospital in Gulu, 1976 though his village is Bufuula. His father having been a policeman, he was always on the move with him through his transfers.

He studied his primary at Kivubuka primary school from P1 to P7. When hewas in P5 his father died then he lost his mother in P7. He later joined Kiira College Butiki from S1 to S6, a school to which he attaches his initiation into music. 

Gen Mega Dee is responsible for hit songs such as Nibwonvuma Agaiso, Ugandan Woman, Nzira Sente, Pasola, Omukodo, Omukwanogwo, Akabadi and Ina de Dance collaboration among so many other songs.

He may have had a few glitches with his album launches and may currently kind silent, but Mega Dee remains arguably, the biggest thing that Busoga ever gave to the Ugandan music industry.

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