In Katonda Kyasalawo Video, Ragga Dee Exudes Maturity

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A husband and father, Ragga Dee is arguably one of those musicians that have over the years earned respect from fans and critics alike. He has deliberately stuck to exemplary behavior, a trait that is truthfully scarce in our music industry.                                                                   

Right from his days of Bamusakata, he is an artist that has endeavored to stay away from beef and uncalled for scandals, an element that has earned him envy and respect.

In his latest video Mukama Kyasalawo, Ragga Dee cuts the figure of a mature, successful and satisfied man. This maturity even transfers to the style of music in this song, the setting of the video and the entire aura therein.

Strumming at his guitar in an “isolated” setting, one can’t help but admire both the sound of the guitar and the obvious maturity that Ragga Dee exudes in this particular video. Whereas the song is an obvious musical fusion, it is in my opinion inclined more towards Zouk and Soukous.

Katonda Kyasalawo is a typical proclamation that although Ragga Dee has not lately been singing so “competitively”, he still can release nice music as a veteran.  He goes ahead to exhibit some vocal versatility when he hits varying notes from low ones to high ones.

Rendered in Luganda, English and Lingala, Katonda Kyasalawo is a pleasant tune! It is an indicator that this veteran entertainer is not successful by accident, but rather as a result of purposeful effort.


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