I Am Craving for a Divas Battle of Champions

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Well, I know this sounds crazy and is going to have daggers pointed at me from advocates of morality. But following the fact that the recently concluded battle of champions between Bebe and Bobi put the industry at boiling point, I am yearning for a similar treat from the cream of our female musicians.

Please feel free not to agree with me and curse me if you must. I also know that my editor and the publishing company are going to put a disclaimer about my opinion; but allow me show you how interesting the scenario would be!

We have very talented female musicians who include among others; Juliana, Iryn, Jackie, Grace Nakimera, Cindy, and Lillian. The list is endless so feel free to add your favorite, but their section of the music industry remains relatively dull with very little competition.

Imagine a battle of champions between Juliana and Iryn for example. This would have me buy a ticket a month in advance and sit at the location two days in advance, in anticipation of what would transpire. This would be very interesting for a number of reasons.

First, given that ladies get very personal and emotional at such times; the organizers would have to put an electric fence and trained dogs between the two stages, just to ensure that the Divas don’t jump at each other’s throats.

Then you would need about two hours in between each segment of the performances. That is the minimum time each Diva would need to change costumes, hair and makeup, just to ensure that she is hotter than the other. In fact, you would be amazed at the beauty of costumes pulled out that day.

In addition to that, male fans from each camp would forget the music and start to bash each other about their favorite Diva’s physical attributes. This would take the battle to another level as male fans argue about who is sexier and things of that nature.

Finally, this is merely a fantasy so don’t pay any serious attention to it. Was just imagining what it would feel like at a battle of champions by the top Ugandan Divas. Feel free to add your expectations to this fantasy; tell us what you would want to see or think would happen.

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