Grace Nakimera Eyes Wider Market with Shalala

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Listen to Shalala by Grace Nakimera

Giving Grace Nakimera a prologue of any sorts would not only be hectic, but also probably unfair to a Diva whose accomplishments are self expounding. I’ll therefore focus on her latest single, Shalala. Shalala may sound unsophisticated for a song title, yet the song is not simplistic at all.

Right from its track to the lyrical style, it is obvious that Grace Nakimera’s Shalala will receive audience way beyond Uganda! The overall packaging of the track, especially the drums, has something about it that is identifiably African; yet the entire lyrical delivery is so universal that it would appeal to any music fan anywhere in the world!

Shalala is an upbeat/groovy love song. The persona exclaims about how such and a long day it has been and wants to go see her lover. It is full of energy and will get you off your feet every time you listen to this song.

With this song, Grace gives herself a chance to tap into a wider regional, African and international market; a sphere that most Ugandan artists have struggled to explore. It also gives her the chance to step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself more.

Otherwise, given how good her videos usually are, all I can do for now is look forward to Shalala video.

Listen to Shalala by Grace Nakimera